How It Works


How Does This Work?

India's best influencers & brands community

Shupple Influencer platform is an open, transparent social space where brands and influencers can meet each other and collaborate on promotional campaigns.

  • Can anyone register this platform?

    Yes! if you are a brand or influencer

    Anyone can register on this platform if they are brand or influencer for mutual benefits.

  • Why should I use Shupple influencer platform?

    Get maximum exposure for your products & brand.

    At Shupple Influencer platform, there are no monthly subscription charges or hidden fees. If you choose to run a campaign where you provide free products as barter to the influencer, you will have to pay a small service fee to Shupple. On paid campaigns, this fee is already included wherein you will decide to pay an amount to influencer in return for a product review..

  • Does this promise sales to our products?

    Influencer does their best to promote your product or brand

    Our goal with the Shupple Influencer platform is to make influencer marketing less time-consuming, less costly, and achieve higher ROI and greater conversions, and help you avoid common influencer marketing mistakes. But promising sales numbers is completely NOT under our control. Since, you will be selecting your influencer based on their profile and its reach, you can expect to reach to your targeted audience and chances of conversion are very high.


Posting my campaign

Manage Your Campaign

Shupple Influencer Platform is home to a wide network of brands & influencers. We have hundreds of influencers & we keep adding more to our platform daily, so there's sure to be a good fit for your brand based on niche. Design your campaign wisely & start to see the traction.

  • How do I post a campaign?

    It's as simple as 1, 2 ,3...

    In order to run a campaign, you must have already registered your brand with our Shupple Seller Platform. If you need to create one, go to your homepage and click on "Partner with Shupple" and fill in the form to get listed on Shupple to start selling.

    Once registered you can visit our Shupple Influencer Platform, register to become a part of our influencer community & then visit our Manage Campaign Section. This section will allow you to post your campaign based on your criteria you wish your influencers need to follow. Then you can invite influencers & simultaneously the influencers will also reach-out to your campaign. These campaign can be of two types: Barter & Paid Campaign, you can opt for either one in a single campaign.

  • Can i do barter with an influencer?

    Yes, you can!

    Barter system is supported by our Influencer Campaign but a small platform fee will be charged on successful execution of a campaign to the brand. For barter system, we suggest you to provide as detailed information to the influencer as possible to make sure that guidelines are met properly.

  • Can I invite influencers to promote my campaign?

    Ofcourse, why not!

    You can browse the influencer listed on our Shupple Influencer Platform and invite any influencer to promote one of your campaigns. Simply click the "Send Offer" link on the influencer profile and you’ll be able to send a message to the influencer to invite as well as to communicate with them.


General questions

Some other issues you will find your answer here!

We keeping adding questions & answers here based on queries been asked to our support team.

  • What is influencer marketing?

    You can call it Social Endorsement

    Influencer marketing is the use of social media platforms by content creators or personalities in different fields to endorse products and brands. This often works for a mutual benefit between influencers & brands to reach certain objectives.

  • Can i find influencer based on their area of content they create?

    Yes, it's possible!

    Every influencer tries to keep their profile updated with information related to their social media accounts. Based on the same information shared with us, we try to categorize them according to their area of content creation. You can easily find them using our categories section.

  • Other concerns or questions that aren’t addressed here?

    Lets Connect!

    Drop us a message at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • How many followers do I need to join Shupple Influencer?

    It doesn't matter how many followers you have on any of your social networks, however, you have to realize that buyers on here are interested in people who are able to be influencers. It is recommended to have at least 500 followers on any of the social networks to get buyers' attention.

  • What kind of promotion can I offer?

    It is totally up to you to decide. We'd suggest you offer a promotion that would be relevant to your social network and to your category. You may also check what other influencers offer to get inspired. The only limit is your imagination and creativity.

  • What does impact my profile ratings?

    The only thing that may impact your profile is your Review score. The more successful deals you complete - the higher your score gets.

  • How many social networks accounts can I have?

    Shupple supports all the world's most popular social networks: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & many more. You may link by one account for each of these networks.

  • Where do estimated prices come from?

    These prices go as a recommendation for you and are based on the latest market trends in relation to your social networks' data, such as the number of followers and engagement. We believe this may help you get more deals if you follow these recommendations. However, you are able to set the prices you believe would be the best for your offer.

  • What if I can't deliver the order on time?

    If you feel you need more time to fulfill the order, you may send your buyer a request for a delivery time extension. If the buyer decides to decline this request, you should make a delivery on time, or you may reach out to Shupple Support and request the termination of the order.

  • How many Services can I create?

    It depends upon the package you subscribe to, create as many Services as you want. And remember that quality is always better than quantity 🙂

  • How do I get my money?

    Everything you earn on Shupple Influencer is being deposited within your Shupple balance. You are able to withdraw your money to via Bank Transfer on reaching your minimum withdrawal limit.

  • Can I collaborate with other Influencers on the platform?

    At the moment, Influencers are unable to communicate with other Influencers on the platform. But nothing lasts forever!

  • Can I make deals with other Influencers?

    Unfortunately, you can't.

  • Can I cancel the order?

    When an order is placed, you may decide to accept it to get started or to decline it if you are not willing to fulfill it at this moment.
    If you have accepted the order and decide to terminate it, please, reach out to Shupple Influencer Support for further assistance.