Frequently Asked Questions

For Brands

Our Influencer network works across various social media channels including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, Blogs, Facebook among others.

If you have never done any influencer marketing campaign then it is suggested that start with a with a low budget campaigns before scaling up your influencer marketing activities.

We dedicate a team of Campaign Manager and Associates for every project – irrespective of budget. Using our in-house platform they take care of the whole campaign end-to-end.

No, We do not consider influencer profile views against your available credits. You can do unlimited profile views.

Yes, the Shupple Influencer Search Engine is TRULY free. There are no restrictions or limits to the number of searches you can make within the platform. 

Our basic free plan is meant for understanding broader influencer marketing needs and to try out the platform. For brands and enterprises which need flexibility and agility we have paid subscription plans.

We believe in a building a connected ecosystem for our brand partners and influencer are a part of that ecosystem. Launching the ability to find and connect with Influencers helps us achieve the Shupple platform goals together as partners.

Influencers foster and work hard towards building trust amongst their followers through personal connects and entertaining a specific audience that relate to certain characteristics, lifestyles, tastes and preferences as their own. Thus recommendations from these influencers serve as a form of social proof to a brand’s potential customer which even a bigger brand finds it hard to form a personal connect.

Influencers are already connected with a target audience with their followers having more trust over the influencers than the brands. Most consumers today try to avoid ads and rather consume relatable content generated by these influencers. Thus influencers have increased ability to sway buying decisions amongst their follower base.

Thus most brands are adopting influencer marketing as part of their social marketing plans and brand engagement drives.

Brands use influencers to gain following benefits :

  • Build credibility and trust.
  • Enrich your content strategy.
  • Win-win long-term partnerships.
  • Boost SEO, ROI, and bottom line.
  • Drive purchases decisions.
  • Increase sales.
  • Cost-effective & Saves Time.
  • Increase brand awareness and reach.
  • Unlimited Sharing Potential On Social Platforms
  • Suitable for any Business

You can leverage influencers for various use cases such as content creation, brands awareness and reach, driving website visits & app installs.

Barter Deal – Brands offer free products in exchange for campaign service. Influencers get a full refund of the products ordered on Shupple on completion of the deal.

Cashback Deal – Brands offer cashback in exchange for campaign service. Influencers can order products from Shupple Store and complete the campaign in exchange for promised payback on Shupple Platform.

Paid Campaign – Influencers create content as per brief and get a pre-defined payout.

For Influencers

  • Get recognised as a genuine influencer
  • Monetise your online presence
  • Leverage your social media reach
  • Get access to India’s top brands
  • Grow your audience
  • Get featured on Shupple Influencer!


It is subjective to the brand but mostly consists of Cash, Voucher Coupons, or Products.

No, it is not a cashback website, Shupple Influencer is part of the Shupple Platform ecosystem were where Influencers get the opportunity to work with our associated Brand Partner and their products.

Anyone can register as influencer. We categorize influencers based on their followership as :

  • Nano-influencers – 1,000 – 10,000 followers
  • Micro-influencers – 10,000 – 50,000 followers
  • Mid-tier influencers – 50,000 – 500,000 followers
  • Macro-influencers – 500,000 – 1,000,000 followers
  • Mega-influencers – 1,000,000+ followers

Once you have registered, our team will go through your given information and then after the approval, you can start using your Shupple Infuencer account.

A brand advertiser can see your profile information, connected platforms and their social score. Ensure you keep your profile updated and all your social accounts connected to better you connect with brands.

You will earn when you accept and complete campaigns that interest you. You will search and find campaigns from various brands that can suit your interest area, target group, campaign types, vertical etc. You will be paid once the brands approves your proposal and the campaign gets successfully completed. To redeem your earnings visit the ‘payment’ tab on your dashboard and update your account details. Your payments will be made via an NEFT transfer at the end of each month or 2 weeks.

Find Influencers – Search for Categories, topics, hashtags, bio mentions, interests, professions and more, across 5 major platforms. Reach out to them with your campaign proposals.

Filter & Shortlist – Narrow down the right influencers using flexible filters ranging from influence spectrum, to audience distribution.

Reachout and Connect