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Shaambhawi Venkatesh

I am an actress from Bangalore. Worked for many serials as a nagative lead (including Kannada, Tamil and Telugu) and cinemas as a supportive character.

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Men’s Fashion •Food •Skincare •Lifestyle Live a good story ✨?

Mom & Beauty Blogger

Mother of 2 years old toddler ?? Mom & Beauty Blogger Motherhood |Parenting |Beauty |Skincare

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Fashion / Beauty / Makeup / Travel 3.9 Million Trell Fam

I am a food bloggver
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Mom Blogger and Influencer
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After being a stock broker for over a decade, Motherhood took over in 2017 and a workaholic turned into a mommaholic I was blessed twice…

Feature in Top Lifestyle Influencers of India.

Featured in Cosmopolitan, TOI, Femina, DNA, TechnoVans, Sakal Times, etc.

Eat today and start your diet from tomorrow
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I am a Delhi based food blogger where I review restaurant and street food. Also upload videos of home cooked food to various social media…

About Brand & Products: Nutrizoe is a women-led brand launched after deeply understanding the needs and issues faced by women across her lifecycle. The company focuses on providing adequate nutrition…

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